How to avoid Insurance Scams

Never give out your personal information to an incoming caller: If a business or individual phones you, avoid giving them your information, especially if you aren’t actively looking for auto insurance.   Be cautious while clicking on insurance adverts online: Although the advertising can appear to be credible, it would be wiser for you to […]

The World’s 15 Largest Insurance Companies

Life insurance Corp. of India The Life Insurance Corp. of India, which has its headquarters in Dubai, was founded in 1956 as a result of the merging of more than 245 insurance firms, making it the biggest insurer in the second-largest nation in the world. A state-owned business, Life Insurance Corp. of India, has around […]

The best insurance companies in South Africa

OUTsurance Virseker Old Mutual Insure Momentum Santam Discovery Auto & General   For the short-term insurance market, Consulta has released its most recent Consumer Satisfaction Index (SAcsi), which identifies which insurers excel in satisfying their clients. In the second half of 2020, 2,600 clients of the country’s top short-term insurers, including Auto & General, Discovery, […]

How to choose the best automobile insurance for you and your vehicle

In these more costly times, everyone is searching for innovative methods to save costs. Cutting back on automobile insurance is a typical strategy to lower monthly costs that drain your bank account, which is why many owners of covered vehicles and insurance purchasers frequently browse around for the cheapest deal. According to industry standards, insurers have historically categorized consumers into risk profiles based on a variety of characteristics, including their age, the neighborhoods where they dwell, and their gender. However, there are […]

High Paying Jobs Without A Degree In South Africa

Real Estate Agent You might be surprised to learn that you can work as a real estate agent without having a degree. That’s  correct! You may get started with a real estate office by volunteering or working as an intern. In South Africa, a real estate agent makes an average pay of R 540 000 per year, or R 277 per hour. The  starting salary for entry-level jobs is R 270 000, while the average yearly salary for experienced  professionals is R 9 000 000. Digital marketer You may learn how to become a digital marketer by taking a brief online course. After finishing your  course, you can launch your own blog and begin freelancing. In South Africa, a digital marketer typically makes R 240 000 per year, or R 123 per hour. Most  experienced professionals can earn up to R 473 400 per year, while entry-level roles start at R 180 000. Executive Assistant An assistant or receptionist need not possess any particular credentials. All you need is a working knowledge of computers and a positive personality. Based on 16 salaries, the average total remuneration for an entry-level Executive Assistant is estimated  to be R173,741 (which includes gratuities, bonus, and overtime pay). Based on 183 salaries, an Executive  Assistant in their first five years of employment makes an average total salary of R209,189. Based on 215  salaries, an executive assistant in mid-career with 5 to 9 years of experience receives an average annual  salary of R293,301.Based on 284 salaries, the average total remuneration for an Executive Assistant with  10 to 19 years of experience is R368,797. An employee’s average total remuneration in their late career  (20 years or more) is R376,792. Music Producer or DJ Consider becoming a DJ or producer if you like making people happy and playing music. All you need to be aware of is South Africa’s copyright rules and how to use the equipment. The average gross pay for music producers in South Africa is R515,668, or R248 per hour. Additionally,  they receive an R14,284 bonus on average. Salary projections based on information from anonymous employee surveys and data from companies in South Africa. The typical income for a music producer at the entry level (with 1-3 years of experience) is R378,846. The average pay for a senior level music producer (8+ years of experience) is R637,583. Beauty artist You won’t need to study for it if you are passionate about cosmetics and beauty. Attending a beauty  school or even taking a brief course will allow you to break into the industry. The average gross pay for makeup artists in South Africa is R192,671, or R93 per hour. Additionally, they  receive an R22,311 bonus on average. Salary projections based on information from anonymous employee surveys and data from companies in South Africa. The typical compensation for an entry-level makeup artist (with 13 years of experience) is R147,876. A senior level makeup artist (8+ years of  expertise) makes an average of R232,687 per year, on the other hand. Web Development The use of web developer technology is widespread in many industries. Due to their strong demand in  this sector, web developers. With a quick course or even an online course, you can get the abilities you  need. In South Africa, a web developer makes R 480 000 annually, or R 246 per hour. Most experienced  professionals can earn up to R 5 097 600 per year, while entry-level roles start at R 300 000. Graphic Designer Musicians frequently have openings for jobs, particularly online through freelance employment. If you  want to learn how to make money online, read “ways to make money online in South Africa.” There is just so much you can accomplish once you get started. It’s one of the finest occupations out there. The salary potential for graphic designers is enormous, even  without a degree. The only equipment needed to get started is a computer. Popular programs include  Adobe Premier Pro, Light Room, and Illustrator. In South Africa, a graphic designer typically makes R 210 000 per year, or R 108 per hour. The starting  […]

Tips and Advice to Reduce Insurance Premiums

It might be beneficial to compare rates for auto insurance. Although the expense of accident repairs and personal injury claims, may increase the cost of auto insurance, consumer competition prevents price increases. Be careful though, since some insurers may reduce insurance features in order to charge a “low” premium. There are, however, certain things you […]