FEDISA Future Vision Bursary 2022

Bursary description:

  • FEDISA was founded to bring more than seamstresses and pattern makers into the fashion industry.
  • FEDISA graduates now works in a diverse range of fields all across the world. 
  • For the bursary, the Future Vision Bursary Program at FEDISA grants two partial scholarships  (worth R50,000 each) to support any undergraduate degree offered at the FEDISA Fashion Schools  in Cape Town or  Johannesburg.

Must be interested in enrolling or studying the following degrees:

  • Undergraduate degree at FEDISA Fashion school

Bursary requirements:

  • Should be a South African citizen.
  • Should be passionate about fashion/fashion industry.
  • Should have an exceptional academic record.
  • A motivation letter expressing why you wish to study at FEDISA and why you need a FEDISA bursary( at most 500 words).

How to apply:

  • Applications should be completed online by clicking the Apply Here button below.

The following documentation may be required for the bursary application:

  • Certified copy of your South African ID (Less than 3 months old).
  • Documentation of why you need financial assistance, this can include parent’s pay slip and a motivational letter.
  • Acceptance letter/document from the university stating you have been accepted for the enrollment of the studies you will be pursuing.
  • Certified copy of your latest academic record for university students.
  • Certified copy of your Academic record (Grade 12 latest academic record/Grade 11 final academic record).