CNC Official x52 | Eskom

Area of Speacialization : To ensure continuity of supply to customers by building, maintaining, and repairing infrastructure and plant in accordance with Dead and limited Live Work practices, guidelines, and Service Agreements on the electrical network up to and including 33kV

Minimum Requirements
▪ Grade 10
▪ 2 years

Skills and Competencies
▪ Driver’s Licence
▪ Line Construction
▪ Basic Health and Safety
▪ Basic Workshop skills
▪ ORHVS (Authorised for access and responsible person)
▪ Battery maintenance
▪ Emergency switching
▪ Ground level substation inspection
▪ Basic Environmental knowledge
▪ Capability of working above ground level (working at heights)
▪ Communication skills

Key Responsibilities
▪ Maintains equipment and structures by:
▪ Responding to call outs and prompts from the dispatcher during abnormal conditions and power supply interruptions
▪ Restoring equipment and structures on lines and substations by replacing, securing, and cleaning plant and equipment under supervision
▪ Executing foot and vehicle patrols to identify, capture and report faulty plant and abnormal conditions
▪ Switching on Low Voltage networks
▪ Performing Basic Lifting Machinery operation

Performs planned maintenance on networks and infrastructure in accordance with the procedures, standards, and work practices by:
▪ Operating vegetation control machines
▪ Manually clearing vegetation encroaching on safe clearance distances and structures
▪ Applying prescribed growth control chemicals
▪ Installing, inspecting, and restoring fences and gates
▪ Inspecting, restoring, maintaining, and reporting conditions of roads and drainage systems
▪ Maintaining lines and structures by replacing, securing, and cleaning line components, electrical connections, and anti-oxidation measures
▪ Excavating, backfilling, and compacting to secure structures and trenches
▪ Maintaining substations and control rooms by replacing, repairing, securing, and cleaning plant and equipment in substations under guidance and supervision
▪ Inspecting, topping up with electrolyte, cleaning and testing the Specific Gravity of batteries
▪ Inspecting and reporting on condition of substation tools and equipment
▪ Reporting any other abnormality found in/on the network to appropriate person
▪ Executing vegetation control
▪ Keeping the yard clear of weeds and debris
▪ Replacing and levelling of crusher stone where required
▪ Exposing earthing, Earth mats and assisting with inspection, repairing of damaged sections