Handyman | Empact Group

Job Description
The function of a Handyman will be to perform minor maintenance work of general nature with emphasis on painting, plumbing, lock smith ,electrical, Carpentry and joinery tasks, To follow planned preventative Maintenance program, perform minor repair works and report about major ones to help desk as well as being responsible for minor and small moves and various departments to take action on and assist skilled tradesmen in more complex assignments within repairs & maintenance scope as required for the department and as directed by the company management for the client on a daily basis enforcing a safe environment for customers and staff by abiding with all procedures and policies as established by the client and the company.

Education and experience required
▪ Matric
▪ Minimum of 2years housekeeping supervisory experience
▪ 3 years Customer relations experience
▪ 3 years stores control ordering and receiving
▪ A drivers’ license is essential

Knowledge, Skills and Competencies
▪ A good Team player with the ability to motivate staff and problem solve
▪ Customer service and communications skills
▪ Knowledge of OSHA and safety standards within housekeeping department.
▪ Knowledge of basic mathematics
▪ Good analytical skills
▪ Excellent knowledge of Health and Safety policies
▪ Leadership Skills
▪ People Management Skills
▪ Consequence management

Key areas of responsibility
▪ Model high standards of performance and behaviour
▪ Develop team commitment and co-operation, encourage, and promote team performance
▪ Seek internal training opportunities appropriate for position as agreed with management and outlined and Company Training Matrix
▪ Update skills, knowledge and qualifications and license to maintain a high level of competence
▪ Communicate effectively in the workplace
▪ Maintain dignity and respect to co-workers and clients
▪ Provide high standards service to colleagues and customers
▪ Maintain housekeeping, storage, and work areas in a clean, tidy, and secure condition
▪ Control and preservation of materials and tools issued for the performance of work duties and provide advance notification to supervisor when stocks reach minimal level
▪ You may be directed by your supervisor to do job tasks that are not listed above or below but you have the skills and competency to perform in a safe manner
▪ It is at all times required to appear in suitable manner/corporal hygiene must be irreproachable
▪ Personal protective Equipment (PPE) must be worn at designated places as directed by signage or instruction
▪ Appropriate uniform must be worn according to the job requirement
▪ Assist and perform basic electrical work requests such as change air-conditioned filters; electric light bulbs and fluorescent tubes, door repairs; unblocking plumbing problems in sinks; toilets bowls; shower trays; painting of interior and exterior tasks, carpentry, and joinery assistance; replacing locks etc.
▪ Perform surfaces scrubbing with metal putty knifes and scratchers
▪ Perform surfaces varnishing with brushes and rollers
▪ Paint damaged interior and exterior walls, doors, and other building items
▪ Prepare surface and repair old paints scrubbing, cracks pointing and holes clearance
▪ Perform grinding of padded painted and stopped surfaces
▪ Varnish surfaces by hand
▪ Must have general knowledge and skills in all-round maintenance requiring the application of general knowledge of maintenance and repair techniques, materials, tools, and equipment within a safe manner
▪ Maintain equipment to its optimum performance level by monitoring and performing preventative maintenance and corrective maintenance tasks with an emphasis on safety and quality of work