NDCRS Agent – Nedbank

Job description:

  • To collect on arrear accounts with regards to defaults on monthly instalments to reduce risk and provisions, in line with Nedbank business strategy.

Job roles and responsibilities:

  • Recover funds on overdrawn accounts by collecting excess and balances on overdrawn accounts through contacting the client via telephone, emails, or sms.
  • Make a repayment arrangement with a client telephonically that is in line with the Collections procedures.
  • Contact clients telephonically using predefined collections scripts to recover arrears and rehabilitate the client through contacting the client via telephone.
  • Set criteria with regards to the number of accounts that need to be worked on a daily basis.
  • Ensure that commitments towards arrears are made and keep to arrangements and normal instalments.
  • Rehabilitate delinquent accounts and reduce bad debt (risk).
  • Analyse the client’s account to educate the client on how to manage the account in a way to avoid account incurring an overdrawn balance.

Job requirements:

  • Grade 12
  • 6 months customer service and call centre or retail

Job skills and competencies:

  • Administrative procedures and systems
  • Data analysis
  • Microsoft Office
  • Relevant regulatory knowledge
  • Business writing skills
  • Compliance Knowledge
  • Building Customer Loyalty
  • Communication
  • Decision Making
  • Energy
  • Stress Tolerance
  • Driving for results

The following documentation may be required for the job application:

  • CV
  • Qualifications
  • Certified ID copy
  • Matric certificate
  • Academic records
  • Covering letter